A huge thanks to BGC  for inviting the Lowe Syndrome Trust to their annual Charity Day!

The Lowe Syndrome Trust was delighted to have been chosen as one of twenty-six charities to benefit from BGC's annual charity day in 2010 
Also see the Lowe Syndrome Trust Press Release

Sadly, BGC was the largest corporate victim of the 9/11 attacks, losing 658 staff.  Each year, BGC holds their Charity Day in commemoration of the victims of September 11. Their offices around the globe are visited by celebs who represent various charities.  BGC gives all profits raised from this event to charity - in 2009, some $10 million was raised.

BGC reception Cheeky GirlsJonathan RossLowe Syndrome Benji with racing driver David Coulthard
Lowe Syndrome charity trustee and patron Jonathan Ross supported the event and was joined by patrons Tony Hadley, Penny Lancaster, Melanie Blatt, Christopher Biggins and Mike Fennings. The Event was also broadcast live in the UK on talk sport radio.

Celebrities join the traders on the dealing floor and speak with the traders arranging deals. Lowe Patron Tony Hadley remarked "this was an amazing experiance for the kids and also for me - I spoke with one trader who was placing a single deal for £250 million pounds - I can only hope that some of that helps a donation to the charity!"

Penny Lancaster said - "It was amazing buzz on the trading floor, I helped with one deal for £25 million".

There were also some Lowe Syndrome familes who also mingled with the various entertainers supporting other charities, including the cheeky girls.
Melanie Blatt (all saints) with Amanda HoldenLowe Charity Patron Tony Hadley

Oscar with Penny LancasterLowe charity patron Penny Lancaster