Lowe Symposium

Lowe Symposium in 24-25 May 2023 in Tigem, Italy

The Lowe Syndrome charity is pleased to announce an International Lowe Syndrome Symposium to be held at the Telethon Institute of Genetics and Medicine (TIGEM) in Naples Italy 24th-25th May 2023 in partnership with the Gurdon Institute Dr Jenny Gallop lab, TIGEM, the LSA USA and others.

The conference will bring together Medical professionals, stakeholders and families to present and discuss basic and translational research activities going on worldwide to improve the knowledge of cellular roles of OCRL, to present new models to study Lowe syndrome and to accelerate the progress towards treatments or other therapeutic options for patients with Lowe Syndrome/Dent2 disease.

Dear Speakers and Invitee’s Travel to the meeting at TIGEM Italy 24th-25th May 2023.

Please can you now go ahead and book your travel as soon as possible. Those with approval will be reimbursed after the meeting by the University of Cambridge, UK with instructions to follow.

The budget is for economy travel, please do your best to get a good price. Our budget maximum is £350 within Europe, €150 within Italy, £1300 India and $1000 USA: hopefully most are still less. If your reasonable costs are greater than this we will try to help from those that have been able to be cheaper.

Accommodation is up to 2 nights within Europe or 3 nights India/USA, please let Jenny know your travel times and the nights you require. Your hotel will be booked and paid for directly and taxi airport transfers will be arranged in groups. Please also send your title and a brief abstract. A provisional agenda is attached.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

Many thanks, best wishes,

Jenny Gallop and Leopoldo Staiano


Dr JL Gallop (she/her)
Wellcome Trust Senior Research Fellow
Group Leader, Gurdon Institute
Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry
University of Cambridge
Cambridge, CB2 1QN, UK

Email: jlg38@cam.ac.uk

Web: www.gallop.group

Twitter: @GallopLab

TIGEM Details:

Via Campi Flegrei, 34, 80078 Pozzuoli NA, Italy

Phone: +39 081 1923 0600