£80,000 to Imperial College London

March 2007

The Lowe Syndrome Trust announces 3rd grant to Imperial College London – £80,000
The third grant awarded by the Lowe Syndrome Trust will be used to help continue work already underway at Imperial College, London. Drs Woscholski and Vilar have been developing chemical tools for the detection of the substrates of the OCRL1 enzyme since 2003. This work has generated chemical compounds that are able to recognise the OCRL1 substrate with some selectivity in conditions that mimic the cellular environment.

Drs Woscholski and Vilar have continued to work on the characterisation of these new compounds in living cells, and are able to study the suitability of the receptors towards generating chemical tools for biomedical research and which may even provide the foundations of a future drug development programme to tackle the symptoms of Lowe Syndrome